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Best PC Cases For Water Cooling

Choosing the best PC cases for water cooling can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you make the right decision! We’ll walk you through some of our favorite cases and explain why they work great with water cooling.

Best PC Cases for Water Cooling

Every PC gamer wants a gaming-ready computer that can handle the latest titles at their highest graphics settings. But with so many options available, it’s hard to know which case is right for you. The best PC cases for water cooling will keep your components cool even when you’re playing those intense games on ultra-high settings – and the best air cooling cases will have excellent airflow to keep your rig from overheating as well!

A lesser-known cooling solution for your PC is liquid cooling. It’s more expensive than air, but it can keep your CPU running cooler and quieter. Whether you want a fancy windowed side panel or just something simple, we’ve got some great recommendations for different price points below.

There are a lot of PC cases on the market but not all of them are the best for a water cooling system. A good case will have proper ventilation and space in order to accommodate your tubing and hardware, as well as being able to fit in a reservoir.

Water cooling is a great way to improve your PC’s performance and efficiency, but it can be hard to find the best PC cases for water cooling that work for you. To help with this, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite cases that work well with water cooling systems.

Top 11 Best PC Cases For Water Cooling

1- Cooler Master Mastercase H500

Cooler Master Mastercase PC Cases for Water Cooling
  • RGB lighting in both the front and back
  • Magnetic handles for easy transportation
  • 200mm ARGB fan to keep your system cool
  • Customizable mesh or transparent side panel

When you want to experience video games like never before, there is no better case than the Cooler Master Mastercase H500. Finished with an exterior of glass and mesh, this masterfully streamlined gaming beast leaves nothing to hide. Featuring dual addressable RGB fans for unprecedented levels of customization and cooling potential, this product displays your hardware in all its glory through a side panel that boasts tempered pane for extra clarity.

Packed with functionality, innovation doesn’t stop at 15 different fan positions or eight expansion slots. There are also five filtered water cooler options making it one ton of tonnage not to be ignored. The MasterCase H500 is the flagship of our series, combining mesh and transparent front panel, dual 200mm ARGB fans with an in-built ARGB lighting system for maximum airflow.

Equipped with two cases in one, you can open up or close down this case depending on your needs. Equipped with enough space to house all of your gaming rigs hardware components, including a set of HDDs and SSDs. With its embedded fan controller that houses 4 pre-installed ARGB fans it also has room for 6 more to create a even more complete RGB array inside the chassis.

2- Corsair Crystal 570X RGB

Corsair Crystal 570X PC Cases for Water Cooling
  • Provides ample space for device installation and cooling
  • Plenty of space for radiators and up to six case fans
  • Cable management is a breeze with built-in channels and Velcro
  • Built in RGB lights make it easy to update display without needing additional equipments

The CORSAIR Crystal 570X RGB case has all the style and durability you need for your next big build. Four tempered glass panels on the front, top, and sides show off every detail in your system with a clean design that just works. Plenty of room in this ATX full tower to handle any size components, with three included SP120 RGB LED fans and integrated RGB controller to join in on the fun!

For tight builds that stay neat and tidy when it’s time to pack up – including cable routing channels with included Velcro cable straps for easy management, removable fan trays flat out maximize space for tubing or extra coolers. You can also bring in your favorite pastel hues with ease thanks to three built-in diffusers each by the front panel, rear panel, and top panel windows which offer evenly illuminated lightshows throughout every inch of space inside.

The clear wraparound tempered glass panels are tough as nails but still showcase all of your hard work with scratch resistant protection that resists fingerprints too!

3- Thermaltake Core P5

Thermaltake Core P5 PC Cases for Water Cooling
  • Rubber grommets for cable management
  • Features a panoramic view with tempered glass top
  • Open-air design is ideal for people looking to stream or play games
  • Space saving, as it is wall mounted or laid down horizontally/vertically

The Thermaltake Core P5 is designed for looks in addition to performance. It takes full advantage of the panoramic viewing with its open frame design, and three different placement configurations that are perfect for both horizontal work areas or when you want vertical space saving.

You can mount it on your wall or put it in any configuration that matches your needs, whether horizontally or vertically. The HDD bays offer easy cable management while the front panel provides access to two USB 3.0 ports along with HD audio ports so you always have convenient access after connecting all of your peripherals!

Serving as an enclosure for top of line components on both home and office desktops, this open frame design is designed to give you the best possible view of every piece on your computer system. From dual GPUs on SLI set ups all the way down to individual RGDs, our panoramic open frame display is ideal for any work space that needs an unending eye-pleasing aesthetic appeal.

4- Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Edition

Thermaltake Tower 900 PC Cases for Water Cooling
  • Durable metal construction
  • Tool Free Installation
  • Display Your Components From All Angles.
  • Keeps your system well-organized and dust-free

The Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Edition is an all-black wonder with 5 millimeter thick tempered glass. If you are looking for something that has ITX, Micro VAX, ATX, or EATX compatibility – this is the case for you. With high end gaming system compatibility and I/O port options to suit your needs this computer tower is perfect for any gamer’s preferences.

Along with being built for gaming it also eliminates the issue with “GPU sag” by vertical mounting multiple GPU configurations on an EATX platform! This is a beast of a PC, not your level. For those that want to show off their power and style, this product will have you flying high in seconds.

With stunning dimensions at 16.7″ W x 19″ D x 29.6″ H and a clean look without wires all over the place, this black edition provides maximum airflow with minimized bumps and collisions when it comes time to admiring inside of your computer case!

5- Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX

Phanteks Enthoo PC Cases for Water Cooling
  • Able to house any water cooling loop you want
  • Multiple positions for radiators mean better compatibility
  • Huge amount of radiator surface area means more efficient cooling
  • Powerful and quiet fans included

The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX is the most powerful and largest case in our lineup. Designed to break records with its innovative storage configuration, next-gen coolers, and digital RGB lighting; this enclosure is for all those who want an insanely large chassis. This full tower not only looks great but does so with convenience! The inside of the chassis features smart space utilization that maximizes accessibility while allowing for virtually unlimited configuration possibilities.

Oversized 10x HDD bracket developed for maximum space efficiency. Remarkable acoustic performance with 140mm fans quietly moving large amounts of air out of the chassis. The 3mm aluminum exterior becomes a formidable force to be reckoned with its cold, sharp, and ready for steel-clad combat.

With convenient integrated RGB illumination, Phanteks Evolv ATX is prepared to enlighten any traditional surfer who has forgotten what his paradise looked like. Dissipating heat has never been easier than with plenty of cooling options (up to 420mm or radiator) right at your fingertips. You can indulge in all your computer worldly desires without having to sacrifice anything else—now that’s progress!

6- Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB

Corsair Crystal Series PC Cases for Water Cooling
  • Unique dual-chamber design
  • Enough space for everything you want to do
  • Spacious for custom water-cooling set-ups
  • Diverse range of mounts with a 360mm radiator in the front

Designed for gamers, the Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB is a solution with direct airflow path to cool your PC’s hottest components. It packs four 120mm fans and has 48 customizable RGB LEDs– this includes three LL120 red LED fans that are exclusive to Corsair, allowing you to customize your system color scheme. Not only does it have great cooling at 115 CFM per fan, but also an included CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO embedded into the front panel of the chassis.

The Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB is a complete high airflow cooling system that has four fans and a Direct Airflow Path layout. This product includes three LL120, 48 customizable RGB LEDs per fan. All of which can be synchronized through the included Lighting Node PRO to produce amazing lighting effects with CORSAIR iCUE software.

This PC can use either custom builds or more stand-alone ones with its dual-chamber designs that make things tidy and out of sight. It is also one of the few PCs with not one, but three crystal clear tempered glass panels; making it an awe inspiring frontier for frontier – always at your fingertips, you’ll find some of the high profile components only on this class.

7- Cougar Conquer ATX Gaming Case

Cougar Conquer ATX PC Cases for Water Cooling
  • Premium design, made of aluminum and steel.
  • Loads of storage space in the ATX form factor.
  • Sleek metal front panel standoffs provide stability when desk mounted
  • Holes for cable routing on both sides with rubber gasketing to ensure dust-free cable management.

When you’re looking for a product that provides protection, ease of use, and a beautiful design with good cost-to-value ratio then the Cougar Conquer ATX Gaming Case is for you. The exterior of this mid-sized tower looks like it means serious business with Military-inspired styling! It comes covered in an attractive aluminum body that takes its design cues from battle zones or war zones.

Whether you’re simply admiring this thing at a LAN party or find yourself just about to blow up a horde of zombies, the unique style stands out! This mid tower case will protect your components while giving them some room to breath thanks to six expansion slots and three on each side panel fans. A cool blue LED fan gives visual flair on demand or never on your choosing thanks to individual switches near the lower front 120mm fan.

Upgrade to an ATX motherboard without giving up valuable space or compromising cooling support by selecting one of our available motherboards that are specially designed for this chassis. Of course it offers roomy 3×3.5″ drive bays as well as 4×2.5″ bay, not to mention it also allows you enough flexibility when upgrading fans for maximum airflow (front/top 120mm x2 + 240mm). With this new model from Cougar there’s no need to choose between form and function!

8- Thermaltake View 71

Thermaltake View PC Cases for Water Cooling
  • Full tempered glass panels for an awe-inspiring view
  • Unique 3-way radiator support makes it easy to cool any PC hardware
  • Vertical GPU mount to show off your build in style
  • Quality designed cooling with two preinstalled 140mm Riing RGB fans

The Thermaltake View 71 is perfect for PC enthusiasts who want to show off their hardware. With four tempered glass panels spaced from the chassis, air is able to flow freely around your components. The top panel provides a spectacular three-way view which allows you see your components whether they are on the motherboard tray or two meters up in the air with our GPU bracket.

Our advanced cooling system is able to handle any combination of airflow directions that you choose, each with one 14 RGB LED fan independently controllable for color and speed, you’ll be sure it’s frosty down under! Versatility mixed with study design. With three openings, the view 71 is also available in two versions: front-view or vertical-view.

You can mount 3 x 140mm RGB LED fans on the top panel for good airflow, while only sacrificing 2 slots of space to do so. The design includes a radiator mount capable of supporting up to 3 radiators simultaneously in case you want an extreme cooling system in your PC with less restrictions on what hardware can be installed. And last but not least, this beast is capable of supporting up to 10 HDDs across four drive bays for those hearty gamers out there!

9- Corsair Obsidian 500D

Corsair Obsidian PC Cases for Water Cooling
  • Sleek design with 450mm graphics card compatibility
  • Built for fast and easy installation
  • Innovative Vertical Hard Drive Mounts
  • Easily access your power supply or hard drives

Great for those who value a sleek design and a premium feel, the 500D Obsidian series is made from aluminum metal which gives it that elegant luster. However, don’t let its good looks fool you as the brushed interior finish helps dissipate heat quickly to keep things running cool!

In addition, it can hold up to five 120mm fans or 4 140mm fan. Perfect for those who’re always on the go and need their photos with them. It has the iconic Corsair Obsidian styling with large side panel windows to show off your components and easy cooling thanks to Direct Airflow Path design. The removable fan and radiator trays make installing fans or radiators easier than ever before.

The spacious interior provides room for up to two 3.5in hard drives and three 2.5in SSDs, so you’ll have plenty of storage space. Bring performance and style into play when building your dream gaming rig. The Corsair Obsidian 500D will be the foundation of one incredible machine that can take on any challenge you throw at it, all while standing up to the rigors of time with an iconic sharp look and subtle accents.

10- Asus ROG Strix Helios

Asus ROG Strix PC Cases for Water Cooling
  • Customizable design
  • Unique front panel options for color customization
  • Multiple interior cable routing options
  • Supported water cooler configurations

The ASUS ROG Strix Helios takes the art of PC building to a whole new level, with full-tower style features in a mid-sized chassis. It’s designed for hardcore gamers or case modders who desire the ultimate in performance and design elegance. The ASUS ROG Strix Helios is a mid-tower with support for EATX motherboards and enough room for up to 9 Storage drives, while also looking fantastic while doing it.

The 4mm-thick smoked, tempered-glass full view side panels compliment the metal chassis and 3 easy-to use food filters. With space for graphics cards up to 420 mm long (or 7 cards/sets), you can get multiple big video card configurations or run dual arrangements like SLI or Crossfire if desired but make sure your power supply is able to handle it!

Plus, you get four 140mm fans right out of the gate so you can fire up your rig without worrying that it’ll overheat before long. And if overclocking is your thing, that same fan hub makes it easier to cool down while installing your graphics card. With sound dampening foam already included on all panels inside the chassis, this PC offers quiet operation yet packs power under its hood – no need for expensive mods afterwards!

11- Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL

Lian Li O11 PC Cases for Water Cooling
  • Incredibly easy to build
  • Truly customizable for your needs
  • Ability to fit all the gear you are able to fit in a tower case
  • Handles everything from gaming PCs, workstations, and servers

Now you can have an amazingly beautiful computer that looks as stunning as it performs. With the Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL, you’ll have a large mid-tower with tempered glass side panels alongside premium aluminum giving you unparalleled aesthetics. You won’t believe how much room there is inside for your components! The only limitation will be your imagination.

Whether water-cooling or air cooling is more your style, this case comes equipped with 10 slots to hold 120mm fans and enough room for three 360mm radiators. A huge dual-chamber mid-tower case with addressable RGB LED strip alongside the front panel— you can control your lighting effect through M|C buttons on the front or even sync it up to what’s lighting on your motherboard.

The new Lian-Li O11 Dynamic XL packs the features of a luxury case at an affordable price with dual chamber, tempered glass side panels, front lighting capable of syncing with motherboards. This new mid tower is perfect for any powerful system build or water-cooling project!


The best PC cases for water cooling above are the best of all the cases. They are made of strong materials and require good maintenance. We can help you spend reasonable money to get the best for your money. You decide what’s best. Our requirement is something that a user decides himself. We describe the capability and options in each case that supports water cooling kits.

If you are experienced, then you can do a custom water cooling loop. If you need a kit for multiple hardware components, then your chassis should have enough room on each side to install the radiators. It is good to have a case with diverse connectivity and good looks.

People who are a streamer or a competitive gamer may need a cool case. The case should be easy to assemble and made of good material so it does not break when you move it.