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Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under 500

The best prebuilt Gaming PC under 500 offer a great opportunity for those who are looking to build their first or second PC, but don’t want to spend the time and money on researching parts. This list includes some of the least expensive models available from major manufacturers like Dell and HP, as well as some smaller companies.

Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under $500

You’re a gamer, but you don’t have much money. You want to buy the best prebuilt Gaming PC under 500 dollar that will be able to run your favorite games as well as possible without breaking down. These are all systems with top-of-the-line graphics cards and processors so they should be able to run any game you throw at them without any issues.

These systems come with some pretty good specs that will allow you to play most games smoothly at 1080p or higher resolutions without any lag or stutter. The best prebuilt Gaming PC under 500 $ are all the rage in the world of PC gaming. They’re affordable, powerful, and easy to use.

We all know that the most important part of any gaming setup is the power of the PC. With so many options available, it can be hard to determine which prebuilt computer meets your needs and budget. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite best prebuilt Gaming PC under 500 $! These seven machines will keep you playing games with no lag and without breaking your bank account!

Top 7 Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under 500

1- MXZ Desktop Entry Level Budget Gaming PC

MXZ Desktop  Prebuilt Gaming PC under $500
  • Runs Fortnite, Pubg and GTA5 at a decent framerate
  • Features an HDMI port for video hook up
  • It can run high-end games smoothly, with little lag time
  • Accepts wireless networking cards

The MXZ Desktop is the best value gaming desktop you can get! It’s equipped with a Ryzen 3 3200G Quad Core Processor with Vega 8 Graphics. If you’re looking for an affordable yet powerful machine that doesn’t require any upgradable part, then this is your pick!

The MXZ has an A320 motherboard, which does not offer overclocking and dual-channel memory support because it was designed for budget users in mind. However, the 8GB of DDR4 3200 RAM will still provide enough power to handle various tasks around office and home without too much occasional usage. Don’t worry about a separate graphics card!

When you decide to purchase an MXZ Desktop PC, you can make it work with everything from regular Word Processing and Video editing software to most graphically intensive games with its Vega 8 Integrated GPU. Its Windows side panel window top is easy to open for upgrades when needed and there are six RGB fans that will keep your system cool when in heavy use. The tempered glass side pane also makes it a snap to showcase your build so others can see all of your hard work front and center!

2- Alarco Intel i5 3.10GHz Gaming PC

Alarco Intel i5 Prebuilt Gaming PC under $500
  • Streamline your work experience for maximum efficiency
  • Waste less of time waiting for computers to load and start-up
  • Can play CSGCO and Fortnite in high settings
  • Has LED lights for dynamic lighting

Alarco Intel i5 3.10GHz is an amazing desktop computer for gamers- it has a lot of space to store your favorite games, movies, and photos on the 1TB HDD. It runs on the newest Windows 10 Pro operating system and can use both WIFI signals as well as Ethernet connections back home – giving you excellent speed with no interruptions!

Alarco Intel i5 3.10GHz also has 8GB of RAM for lightning fast loading times on all your applications or videos with its 120 GB hard drive – but wait that’s not all! Its colorfully lit surrounds will give you just the right mood every time, whether that’s something calming before bedtime or seeing red during intense competition.

Gigantic gaming desktop PC, ready for a high-end gaming experience! With a 3 RGB 120mm fans that you can control remotely and 8GB DDR3 RAM with Windows 10 Pro this is an unstoppable gaming machine. If you want to be blown away in your games then this computer has all the power you need!

3- Allied Gaming PC Javelin Mini Desktop

Allied Gaming PC Prebuilt Gaming PC under $500
  • Game at lightning speed with superior graphics
  • Get a roaring sound system that delivers crystal-clear audio
  • Experience smooth graphics on your games with an AMD RX 550 Video Card
  • Experience a quantum leap from traditional HDD with 240GB SSD

Allied Gaming PC’s Javelin Mini Desktop is an AMD Ryzen 3 desktop with 8GB of RAM, 240 GB SSD, integrated Wi-Fi and overclocked speed. This rig has enough power to handle most competitors with its Radeon RX 550 graphics card in tow. Users can power up this kit with 1000watts dual-fan tower with 16 color RGB lit case lighting. Allied Gaming PC’s Javelin Mini Desktop is an AMD Ryzen 3 desktop with 8GB of RAM, 240 GB SSD, integrated Wi-Fi and overclocked speed.

This rig has enough power to handle most competitors with its Radeon RX 550 graphics card in tow. Users can power up this kit with 1000watts dual-fan tower with 16 color RGB lit case lighting. Offering the power and reliability of cheaper gaming PCs, we go the extra step to ensure our parts are built for quality and carefully selected to be second-to-none.

Unlike most prebuilt models that skimp on connectivity, the Allied Computing Javin Mini Desktop was designed with expansion in mind. From Wi-Fi options like MIMO dual band access points to powerful graphics cards such as AMD Radeon RX 550 4GB Dedicated Graphics Card, it’s hard not find what you need at a reasonable price point. Aesthetically pleasing and easy enough for beginners, this is also one of the most affordable systems available today without compromising on performance or build quality.

4- AVGPC Q-Box Gaming Computer PC

AVGPC Q-Box Prebuilt Gaming PC under $500
  • Play games for hours without any lag or freezing
  • Upgrade your PC with beautiful graphics and lightning fast speed
  • 8GB of RAM for improved gaming performance
  • AMD processor that can handle AAA games

AVGPC Q-Box is the ultimate gaming computer for any gamer or entertainment lover who wants to play all their favorite games on high quality equipment. The powerful AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Six Core with a 3.6GHz speed is easy to update as new chips come out with windows 10 and hard drive up to 500GB for plenty of storage space.

Combined with 8GB of DDR4 memory this package has everything you need to play your favorite games at a perfect frame rate with sharp, clear graphics without interruption even when your live streams go viral. Your keyboard and mouse are included in a convenient bundle that will fit wherever you want it with Q-Box’s portability features supporting wireless technology, HDMI input slot, DVI input slots and more connectivity options.

AVGPC Q-Box Gaming Computer PC has a sleek design and is well equipped with the powerful specifications. The hardware allows you to do all your favorite gaming in one place. Now you can enjoy them at high resolution without hindering the performance of your system.

5- HP Pavilion 590 Desktop Computer

HP Pavilion 590 Prebuilt Gaming PC under $500
  • Powerful processor and advanced graphics
  • Slim design perfect for any space
  • Effectively save all your memories/work with ample storage and speed
  • Boot up quickly for a seamless experience every time

To tackle tasks for work and play, the HP Pavilion 590 Desktop Computer empowers you to simultaneously work on multiple projects with exceptional storage and innovative speed. Equipped with Windows 10 Home, the HP Pavilion Desktop’s fast processor delivers an experience optimized for everyday productivity.

Equipped with 8GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM memory and 16GB of Intel Optane MEMORY, happy multitasking is made possible! With this desktop computer, you’ll be able to simultaneously work on multiple projects while enjoying faster boot time and faster application launch times.

All in all, the Pavilion Desktop is designed for people who need a personalized digital life that facilitates creativity and innovation. The HP Pavilion 590 Desktop Computer has all the tools you need. Enjoy smooth entertainment thanks to its Intel UHD Graphics 630. Connection is not an issue with Bluetooth 4.2, WLAN, 3x faster wireless bluetooth transmitter, and extensive port connection.

6- Lenovo Ideacentre 720 18L Desktop

Lenovo Ideacentre 720 Prebuilt Gaming PC under $500
  • Powerful enough to play modern games in 4K resolution
  • Good build quality that is easy to upgrade
  • A long list of ports for peripherals and additional devices
  • Excellent performance at a low price point

Do you want a computer that can handle any and every task, including the streaming of video games in 4K? Meet the Lenovo Ideacentre 720. With AMD Ryzen processing power, up to 16GB DDR4 memory, and an incredible fast 1TB hard drive, this PC will keep up with even your most demanding needs.

The IdeaCentre 720 also features a dazzling graphics card for outstanding performance when it needs to process a lot of graphical data– perfect for gamers looking for competitive edge against other players. Not only does this state-of-the-art machine perform at super speeds but it’s good looks make it ideal as the centerpiece in every room.

Part of the new family of Lenovo desktop PCs, the IdeaCentre 720 18L is packed with cutting-edge features. The powerful AMD Ryzen processor gives you system power to take you to a whole new era in processing power. Pre-installed Windows 10 operating system (OS) includes Cortana, your personal digital assistant, who answers your questions and helps make life more convenient for you.

7- Dell PowerEdge T30 Mini Desktop

Dell PowerEdge T30 Prebuilt Gaming PC under $500
  • Requires less infrastructure to run
  • Improve access to information and data
  • Improves information sharing amongst different devices/departments
  • Allows for scalability, better security, and increased production

The Dell PowerEdge T30 Mini Desktop is a powerful workstation able to go from zero to sixty in no time. The 3.3GHz Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5 quad core processor and 8GB of UDIMM RAM can take on any task with ease, churning through the most complex projects effortlessly thanks to its 1TB mechanical hard drive for storage and DVD RW/RAM combo bay that allows it access to optical media.

It has all the features you need without sacrificing size with 10x USB ports, DisplayPort, HDMI, RJ45, RS232 Serial Ports and even audio an audio inputs. Compact, powerful and easy to use, the Dell PowerEdge T30 Mini Desktop is a device of possibilities. This small but mighty machine boasts top performance with a choice of stunning efficient features including a large-capacity hard drive for all your data needs.

With up to 3 terabytes of storage space, this fast little powerhouse will have you sitting pretty in no time at all! Waves Maxx Audio speakers let your songs sing out loud while integrated video provides high-quality viewing. Your multimedia experience just got better with Dell precision and pristine pictures on the one screen that never blinks or breaks from reality.


All these gaming PCs can be upgraded. Besides, this is a list of the best prebuilt Gaming PC under 500 $. Buying a gaming computer is easy if you remember the basic guidelines. It is up to you what type of PC you want. You can get a cheap one or more expensive one (and everything in between). What matters most, eventually, is the quality of your experience with your gaming PC, not how much it cost.

In the world of gaming PCs, there are many bad deals that have poor parts that are not balanced or they have cut corners to save money. So be careful when you buy a PC with little money. The lack of options in this budget is why many people want to buy used computers.

But if you want to buy a new computer, the MXZ Desktop is our favorite. It can do many things and has a lot of good features. But there are other computers that cost 500 $ and offer something for everyone.