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Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under 800

Picking the best prebuilt Gaming PC under 800 dollar can be tricky, but we are here to help. We have scoured through all of the different options and picked out our favorites for this price range. These PCs will not only give you an amazing performance, they also come with a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about your system failing before it is time.

Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800

Many people think that prebuilt gaming PCs are too expensive and often opt for a cheaper, yet less powerful alternative. However, the truth is that there are plenty of reputable companies out there with great deals on their prebuilt gaming computers.

You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated gaming machine. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive PC for photo editing, video editing, or just surfing the web from your couch, then this post is for you. The best prebuilt Gaming PC under 800$ offer powerful hardware and upgrade options that make it easy to find something perfect for your needs- no matter how basic or advanced they might be.

There are so many choices out there when it comes to best prebuilt Gaming PC under 800 dollar and they can be hard to compare at times. This guide will help you find the perfect computer for your needs without all the hassle of searching through reviews or specs sheets yourself. So go ahead and give it a read!

Top 7 Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under 800

1- CyberpowerPC Gaming Xtreme PC

CyberpowerPC Gaming Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800
  • Ultra-quick DDR RAM to easily handle system-intensive tasks
  • Powerful discreet video cards for a fluid gaming experience
  • Supports up to 3 monitors at once: 2 HDMI and 1 VGA
  • Perfect for multimedia purposes, such as watching videos and editing photos

The CyberpowerPC Gaming Xtreme PC is a powerful gaming platform, ideal for next-generation games. It delivers an unbeatable performance with its Ryzen 5 9590X Processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super Graphics card. It also has an incredible experience with a completely customizable RGB case lighting that allows you to illuminate your setup from within. You can even get free lifetime tech support from the manufacturer!

With powerful components, brilliant design, and simple access to all your favorite games, the CyberpowerPC Gaming Xtreme PC will take you on an unforgettable ride. Free yourself from messy cords with built-in Wi-Fi. Onboard storage is plenty for most needs with 500GB of PCI-E NVMe hard drive space. A 16 GB GDDR6 memory card/chip capable of 12 gigabits per second transfers information quickly in any direction.

The 8th Generation Intel Core i5 CPU lets the 5 GHz turbo frequency spin up when needed with Thermalright cooler fans ensuring that everything stays cool even in intense marathon gaming sessions. With the CyberpowerPC Gaming Xtreme PC, play at lightning speed while still enjoying graphics flawless enough to recreate real life images of any scene in vivid detail!

2- HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

HP Pavilion Gaming Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800
  • Powerful GPU for 1080p gaming even at high settings
  • 18.7 inches LED display for watching movies on the go
  • Up gradable to higher RAM and storage space
  • Integrated graphics card when your dedicated card is rendered useless

The HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop is one of the most stylish desktops on the market. It has sophisticated design that includes an aluminum accent, vivid lighting, with textures that transform color at just the right moments for this dazzling desktop to greet your friends and family. Outperforming other desktops in price-to-performance, this system provides speed like never before.

With 10x faster performance than a traditional hard drive it will power through any game or application without hiccups. This powerful workstation is fitted with Ryzen 9 5950X Processor (3GHz)and AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Card to provide visual clarity like never before seen on gaming desktops at this price point.

This device has the power you need for fast, smooth, power-efficient performance that’ll keep you in charge of your game all day. With 8 GB of RAM, everything from browsing multiple web pages to playing games is faster than before and perfect for when it’s time to crush any competition.

3- AVGPC Hellfire

AVGPC Hellfire Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800
  • Secure your devices from Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
  • Nonstop gaming with no lagging
  • Supports a wide variety of devices, such as iPad pro
  • Low price for a high quality product

AVGPC Hellfire is an excellent starter gaming computer. This system offers the sleek, clean lines that are classic of modern PCs. A 600W major brand PSU provides enough power for most users’ needs and there’s even a 1 year warranty included! The Ryzen 5 3600 CPU is designed to be powerful with its 3.6GHz speed, reliable with its dual core technology, and energy efficient too at 25w TDP.

With 8GB Gaming Memory DDR4 3000 Ram memory installed size you can conduct your gaming business without any worries on performance issues either blue screens or even just general slowdowns in multitasking operations. It also has 500GB SSD storage where software resides so boot up time is quick as well as data retrieval times are great saving considerable.

It comes with everything you need ,including WiFi, a keyboard, mouse and monitor so all you have to do is add the finishing touches.Built in conjunction with AMD’s beautifully powerful Ryzen series of processors is all combined with EVGA’s GeForce GT 1030 coupled with an 8 GB DDR4 Gaming Memory for game performance like never before!

4- iBUYPOWER Pro Trace 4

iBUYPOWER Pro Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800
  • Case lights up with RGB LEDs for show-stopping looks
  • Aesthetic appeal of case is second to none
  • Immaculate cable management
  • High quality power supply shroud

The iBUYPOWER Trace 4 is a killer gaming desktop in a powerful space-saving package. Ultra-responsive Ryzen 9 processors combined with Radeon RX 5500XT graphics make the perfect build for sophisticated, streamlined PC entertainment from any angle. The aggressive yet elegant design blends beautifully into your living room setup whether you want to enjoy casual 2D gameplay or immersive, reactive 3D games.

Experience crisp, smooth graphics and enjoy flawless control with AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT 4GB Dedicated Graphics Card to take your game-play to the next level. You won’t be left out of any action thanks to 8GB DDR4 RAM & Genuine Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system.

The iBUYPOWER Pro Trace 4 also includes an exclusive 16 Color RGB Lighting Case, Wireless 802.11AC Wi-Fi module for superior network connectivity, and a 1×1 Gigabit wired networking card for incredible internet speed (10/100/1000). This product will transform your home into a tricked out command center that rivals even the most high-end couches and movie theaters.

5- Skytech Chronos Gaming PC

Skytech Chronos Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800
  • Huge processing power- can run any game
  • Great graphics card with great 1080p display
  • Premium components for the best gaming experience possible
  • Save money with this affordable Mini Gaming PC

This Skytech Chronos Gaming PC brings you top end gaming performance in a sleek and small tower case. It features an 8 core CPU to process demanding games seamlessly, along with 16GB of fast RAM and Windows 10 to control it all flawlessly. The best part? Your connection stays super speedy and strong-with up to three wireless antenna for faster WIFI so there’s no slowing down when you’re in the heat of battle. Demand the best when you play with Skytech.

Get up to 30x faster performance, 8GB memory DDR4 3000Mhz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB video card capable of playing modern games at high resolutions. But it doesn’t stop there: we crammed six fans into this device for maximum airflow, plus we bundled a keyboard and mouse so everything is connected straight away! T

he gaming machine made specifically with gamers in mind, the Skytech Chronos is a masterpiece of technology and an engineering marvel. You will experience unmatched performance and recoil-free durability with this high quality machine. With legendary hardware components and meticulously engineered parts, you can expect top notch production value for your dollar.

6- Dell G3 Gaming Laptop

Dell G3  Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800
  • Clear crisp visuals with 144hz refresh rate
  • It won’t overheat without an efficient cooling system
  • Great for budget-minded gamers
  • 21 hour battery life

The Dell G3 Gaming Laptop is the latest addition to the popular Inspiron Gaming line. The powerful 9th Generation Intel Quad-Core i5-9300H processor and intel turbo boost technology keep your graphics up and running when you need it most without any lag or delays, while also providing quality visuals with impressive color and clarity on non-touch 1920 x 1080 resolution WVA Display.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics backed by 6GB GDDR6 dedicated video memory for an ultrafast, advanced GPU that will power through your games effortlessly with no tradeoffs like choppy frame rates or delayed visual depiction. The Dell G3 Gaming Laptop is designed to be ultraportable without compromising on performance. It also features enhanced connectivity- M.2 NVMe PCIe SSDs for faster loading and up to 3 wireless connections at one time with speeds of 20Gb per second.

Designed to be sleek and affordable, this lightweight machine won’t drain your bank account or weigh you down when you need action fast. You’ll also appreciate the backlit keyboard and latest Windows OS for simplified navigation and industry standards in security keeping your sensitive data safe from hackers around the world no matter where you go.

7- HP Pavilion TG01-1022

HP Pavilion Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800
  • Fulfill the needs of every gamer with a customizable pc optimization dashboard
  • Get 4k visuals and long battery life on this gaming tower for endless play time
  • Upgrades are easily implemented because of HP’s customizable design
  • Customize your game with the OMEN Command Center

The new OMEN by HP Pavilion TG01-1022 is the perfect machine for an immersive gaming experience with all the power you need as well as a sleek, space saving tower that looks as good as it performs. Featuring top of the line 4K visuals courtesy of 10th Generation Intel Core i3 processor and NVIDIA RTX graphics, this ultra responsive PC is ready to take on anything.

Weighing just 20 pounds, it provides a balance of customization with accessibility for personalization in the highest quality visuals. The four-color LED lighting strips allow you to customize your color palette while optimizing system performance in the Command Center Tuner app–allowing gamers to have the best of both worlds with uncompromised creativity and productivity.

To make sure you get the most out of your product, HP designed the Pavilion with the fastest PCIe SSD on the market. It means less time waiting for services, so you can enjoy your game while playing until your heart’s content. With 8GB DDR4 ECC memory, this pc is perfect for gaming or any other graphic-intensive tasks which require smooth performance during usage. The HP Pavilion PC Gaming Edition is worth investing in if you want to play proudly anywhere without sacrificing power!


It is hard to find best prebuilt Gaming PC under 800. But if you know what you are looking for, it is not too hard. In the $800 range, there are many more choices and variety than in the $500 budget. Most of the major manufacturers of custom PCs, like Skytech, CyberpowerPC and iBUYPOWER usually start their entry-level builds at this point and they will include a lot of power for a very reasonable price.

All of our recommendations will play most games at 60FPS at 1080p easily with few modifications to settings, some can even play them at 144 FPS. All three desktops have windowed cases and lots of colors. The laptop is perfect for someone who wants to play games on the go. But only you know what you want in your next PC, so make sure to think about what you need before deciding on one of our recommendations for best prebuilt Gaming PC under 800 dollar.