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Smallest Mini ITX Cases For Full-size GPU

The small size of the Mini ITX motherboard is one of its most appealing features. The downside to this compact design, however, is that it’s difficult to find a smallest Mini ITX cases for full-size GPU because the standard ATX cases are much too large for your smaller computer. This post will show you some solutions!

Smallest Mini ITX Cases For Full-size GPU

The best PC cases for gaming and general computing can be a bit of an issue. Finding one that is small enough to not take up too much space while also being large enough to house all the necessary components can be difficult.

Fortunately, there are some great smallest Mini ITX cases for full-size GPU on the market today that offer plenty of room for full-size graphics cards and high-end processors without taking up too much space or breaking your budget.

You’re looking for a small form-factor build with the best performance possible. You want to be able to play all of your favorite games, but you don’t want to deal with the noise and heat that come from larger cases. We’ve got you covered! T

he cases that are on this list can house any graphics card, including dual slot cards. All of these cases offer good airflow and cooling potential, which is crucial when it comes to gaming. In this review we’ll discuss what makes a good small form-factor case and will go over our top picks for smallest Mini ITX cases for full-size GPU!

Top 11 Smallest Mini ITX Cases For Full-size GPU

1- NZXT H1

Mini ITX Cases For Full-size GPU
  • A tall and slim design perfect for small apartments
  • Easy to build in thanks to pre-installed components
  • Plenty of room for even the most high-end PC hardware

The NZXT H1 is the perfect high-end, steel case for PC builders who need great quality and advanced features. The futuristic black exterior will garner attention of both fellow techs and passersby with its clean lines, hidden PSU & HDD bays, tempered glass side panels. This PC case’s top grade components such as included DRIP Cable Ties and USB Power Delivery give you access to all your delicate wires without having to open up the case during assembly on a bench or on-location build.

No other entry level gaming and enthusiast mid tower provides this amount of power and usability! Tempered glass panels give you easy access to your system’s internals, allow the best cooling performance possible, and show off your build beautifully through NZXT H1’s impressive 28mm cable tie space and offset radiator bracket – no more fighting between components or worrying about clearance!

2- Phanteks Evolv ITX

Mini ITX Cases For Full-size GPU
  • Perfect ITX solution
  • Great for liquid cooling
  • Minimalistic design without sacrificing features
  • Enough space to squeeze in your components

With a clean, simple aesthetic and a metal exterior, the Phanteks Evolv ITX is built to bring true PC gaming to you wherever you go. With hidden hard drives and power supply as well as an offset radiator bracket for no-conflict installation of your side panel water cooling system, this thing was made with builders of all mindsets in mind. It’s equipped with cable management features that allow for excellent airflow from front I/O to back, has room for 28mm of cable space behind the motherboard tray on top and bottom.

Not only can it support your standard ATX case parts but also 240mm based radiators with auxiliary brackets – giving options galore when it comes time to develop your own set up or purchase new one. Designed for performance in mind but without loosing its premium look and features that people have come to expect from a very high end computer system. Now achieve remarkable results at lunch time power meter readings because this whole setup was crafted with the most energy efficient components available today for you!

3- Silverstone ML08

Silverstone ML08 Mini ITX Cases For Full-size GPU
  • Slim size for easy assembling
  • Powerful graphics card accommodated
  • Separated CPU and GPU airflow to prevent overheating
  • Plenty of room for storage

Silverstone’s ML08 is the answer for those looking for a personal gaming rig without sacrificing performance. Impressively fast graphics cards are supported with extremely tight spacing to ensure best-in-class thermals. The futuristic design features higher quality aluminum for rigidity and durability, plus it’s sound an interference free thanks to vented panels on the base plate and top cover (which also add great style).

A sleek aesthetic and small footprint make this the perfect choice of mini tower enclosure for all gamers who demand industry leading high performance at an attractive price point! The low power consumption, small size, stylish design, and excellent cooling capability. Choose from models with removable carrying handles so you can take your Silverstone ML08 anywhere. Featuring a modular drive cage design instead of screws for easy assembly, you’ll have Silverstone ML08 up and running in no time flat!

4- Corsair Crystal 280X RGB

Corsair Crystal 280X RGB Mini ITX Cases For Full-size GPU
  • Dual-chamber for tidy builds
  • 2 LL120 RGB LED Fans
  • 6 cooling fan slots
  • Breathtaking Tempered Glass

Seamlessly blending performance with beauty, the CORSAIR Crystal 280X RGB is radical in its design yet unrivalled when it comes to cooling potential. With room for up to six 120mm cooling fans, or a 240mm radiator in the top, front and bottom positions, it’s no wonder this Micro-ATX case can rival full towers. The dual-chamber layout neatly organizes your PC’s core components while tidying cables, drives and the PSU into their own dedicated regions.

Plus there are three stunning tempered glass panels that put your system on display like never before. Designed with convenience in mind, there is also space for up 2 3.5-inch hard drives and three 2.5-inch solid state or hard drive bays for any games you want to install day one. It doesn’t matter what configuration you’re after; this chassis has got you covered!

5- Cooler Master NR200

Cooler Master NR200 Mini ITX Cases For Full-size GPU
  • Powerful cooling for demanding hardware
  • Fits 280mm radiators
  • Custom watercooling pump mounts are included
  • PCI Riser cable included

The NR200 is the first of its kind, an open-air case with 360° access for your PC. The graceful steel chassis showcases clean air intake vents on all sides and provides support for up to 7 cooling fans (5 front panel, 1 top panel). With roomy interior fittings like the ability to hold CPU coolers up to 155mm tall or full size GPUs that measure 330mm in length and 156mm high or wide – it’s easy to maintain proper airflow without being limited by restrictive features.

It also includes many other unique design innovations over typical cases available today, including fully modular frame panels that can be dismantled completely with ease so you can access any part of your rig easily. here’s even space for larger-sized GPUs, as long as they’re under 330mm in length and 156mm wide. Whether you’re using it as a workstation or custom gaming rig, this affordable tower case will keep your investments safe from heat damage.

6- Louqe Ghost S1

Louqe Ghost S1 Mini ITX Cases For Full-size GPU
  • The case will not dent or scratch easily
  • Modular layout for easy customization of internal components
  • Space to accommodate multiple GPUs
  • Premium feel so you look good while gaming

The Louqe Ghost S1 is an attractive low volume case that supports high-end components to keep your rig running smoothly even during long gaming sessions. It’s made of aluminum, which gives it a sleek and appealing look while also adding durability so you can take your rig on the road without worry. And with its excellent airflow design, this mini ITX case has all the headroom you’ll need for powerful cooling, while maintaining a noise level that won’t distract or upset others in the room.

There’s plenty of space inside to accommodate high-end components in this small (8.2 liter) measure. Combining premium build quality with innovative material for weight reduction, the Louqe Ghost S1 is an excellent choice in mini-ITX PC building. The Louqe Ghost S1 features great motherboard compatibility – even supports Mini ITX motherboards!

7- NZXT H210i

NZXT H210i Mini ITX Cases For Full-size GPU
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Half the size but just as much power
  • Deal with fewer cables and wires
  • Users have full control of RGB lighting

NZXT’s H210i is a compact and cost-effective ITX form factor mini-tower design This compact chassis offers excellent cooling support for small form factor builds with 120 mm or 240 mm radiator compatibility, great I/O for added versatility, and integrated RGB LED strip. The built-in smart device V2 allows for thorough customization of your case’s RGB lighting to your specific preferences with no need for managing individual RGB components on all of the best PC gaming hardware—gloriously simple!

Sleek tempered glass side panel exposes gorgeous inside components. Features four 2.5″ or 3.5″ drive bays and supports up to six 120mm or 240mm radiators that are easy install thanks to an integrated loop detailing how they should be positioned in the front, top, back, and bottom positions. This powerful mini-ITX tower has 4 bays with room to spare, giving you plenty of options on configuring your PC build. There are more fans included in this one package than you can shake a stick at!

8- Thermaltake Core V1

Thermaltake Core V1 Mini ITX Cases For Full-size GPU
  • Clear side panel on either the left or right
  • to build in by removing the top and sides
  • Easily show GPU vertically with less worry of sag
  • Orientation differentiates case from most ITX casings

Thermaltake has designed the Thermaltake Core V1 with high-end system compatibility in mind. This Mini Motherboard Support Tower is meant to be assembled to meet your needs, whether it’s for personal or professional use. Users can simply install Modular Drive Racks and other exclusive features like multiple mounting locations for motherboards (19″), side panels (symmetrical), removal of drive bays (6) due to its compact size, convenient cable management with the flat grommet holes that allows you over 540mm of space; as well as large ventilation throughout that provides airflow across all components.

With a great expansion in compact size design, supporting high-end system compatibility including two modular drive racks that are ideal for building the cooling system of your choice including air or liquid options within its 500mm width tiny form factor. Get Thermaltake Core v1 today and start enjoying cool computing with style!

9- Cougar QBX

Cougar QBX Mini ITX Cases For Full-size GPU
  • Saves space and still offers a powerful design
  • Fits most Micro ATX motherboards
  • Allows for lots of custom build options
  • Offers good cable management

The Cougar QBX is a marvel of power packed into the size of an envelope. Featuring high-end graphics cards, three SSDs, four storage bays for hard discs of any type, and up to 7 fans with water cooling capabilities all in one small space has never been so easy. Never before were there such economical choices for those who want to take their gaming experience outside the house and onto the bus stop–or off planet entirely!

Once assembled, this machine has all the power of larger builds with support for up to 4 SSDs as well as 7 fans. The Cougar QBX will have everything from CPU to GPU covered without being so big it dominates your space. The fittings are also high quality, ensuring that your system will last as long as possible. With 850 grams of weight and dimensions of 380Hx260Dx320W mm build size, this thing can easily go where you need it too!

10- Fractal Design Node 202

Fractal Node 202 Mini ITX Cases For Full-size GPU
  • Minimalistic design for a more modern look
  • Fits full-sized graphics cards
  • Lots of Ventilation
  • 450W power supply and low cost without it.

Tiny footprint, maximum flexibility. The Node 202 is the perfect unit for those who prioritize size and portability over everything else. With its small volume of only 10.2 liters, this case can comfortably fit next to any other piece of furniture without sacrificing style or brawn. Fit it vertically in your office with ease, stash it under your desk, show off at LAN parties with its beauteous blue LED fascia–the possibilities are endless!

What’s more, this small footprint does not mean low features – the sleek black tempered glass offers a beautifully clear view of your components including 2 preinstalled 120mm FN V2 Fans in the front panel along with cable management inlet/outlet points to help control clutter in larger builds. Two SSD trays are also included with anti vibration rubber which will keep everything nice and steady inside when installed.

11- Thermaltake Tower 100

Thermaltake Tower 100 Mini ITX Cases For Full-size GPU
  • Compact size for tight spaces
  • Replaceable glass panels for aesthetics and airflow
  • Built in space for ATX power supplies
  • Loads of upgradability options

he Tower 100 is the ideal chassis for anyone who needs to build a small form factor PC or HTPC. This mini version of our popular Tower 900 Mini ITX Chassis has everything you need in an extremely compact package so you can enjoy high-end computer hardware without taking up any more space than needed. The open frame structure creates an enjoyable system building experience with exceptional cooling performance and unrestricted access to tinkering with internal components.

Equipped with four 2.5″ & 3×3.5″ drive bays, you can customize your storage capacity or fill that extra space for future upgrades like water-cooling kits. Engineered at 4mm thick tempered glass windows on three sides grant excellent view inside the case while providing ultimate protection from outside particles when paired with high quality dust filter installation at bottom-right corner of the front panel – blocking any dust coming in through vents in the backside for outstanding build performance.


Finding the smallest Mini ITX cases for full-size GPU can be hard. You might not know how much they cost. But some cases are cheap and small. They save space for your gaming components and keep them safe from frying.

Mini-ITX cases have some good things and some bad things. But I think that overall they are good, especially if you want a computer that you can carry somewhere. It is crazy that you can build a powerful gaming PC, and take it with you on your back!

These are some of the smallest Mini ITX cases for full-size GPU . If you want a case that is small and can hold a lot, then these are good. They have become popular because people can do something different with them.

We hope that you find this review helpful. We have listed the best mini ITX cases that are small. These are good if you want a small computer. Different people will need different types of computers, so we have included many types of computers on this list for many different people with different budgets and requirements.